Thinking Caps and Sheep’s Clothing

Little Red Riding Hood vs. the Big Bad Wolf

Here we are back in the land of never never.  I was spoon fed Grimm’s Fairy Tales or Geschichte at about the age of 5. Into the mouth of babes the seeds are planted. My Papa never gave much thought to what the stories, read to me in German, were doing to my subconscious. Serious trauma was introduced to my still malleable urchin brain. Alas… I have often pondered the possibilities of a day in the life of Little Red Riding Hood. Will she come up with a solution to having unexpectedly encountered Herr Wolf? Unfortunately we are all too familiar with this scenario – metaphorically speaking of course. “What big nasty teeth you have Herr Wolf!” Hmm… To some Herr Wolf  may represent: the devil we know. (Expect the unexpected when you see a talking wolf after all.)  On the other hand, Herr Wolf  may have just slipped out of his sheep’s clothing – in which case it’s better to know what your dealing with – right? The sheep clothing may be useful on another occasion. By all accounts I’ve never heard of a “true” story of a wolf attacking Fraulein’s in red attire. And unless Fraulein Rot has got a ham sandwich in her pocket she may be able to talk herself out of this one. I guess the question that begs to be asked is: Which are you? Fraulein R. or the Herr Wolf?

If you need a thinking cap for this little riddle the one on the right is a good choice. It’s made of sheep’s clothing.


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