Garden Antics as performed by the WEE Minions of Mother Earth

pssssst ! Is it safe to divulge the secret? … The garden really flourished this year as the  photos attest. Things are really coming along. Accolades to the sprites seen and unseen, and curious hobit’zes who busied themselves throughout the past 6 months. It’s the garden that just keeps giving and giving. It will certainly be an Autumn to look back upon.

Special thanks to Massage Therapists, magic bags, and ibuprofen.


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About The Perched Bird

The Perched Bird's works in chorus with Karin, an Artist/Designer and is engaged in categorically showcasing her designs and creations. From art prints and paintings, textile designs, to wool concoctions, to her spin on day to day to culinary and garden achievements, Karin's posts and artifacts will leave you stimulated. Orders for knitted items can be placed at any time. A page of prices is coming soon! Please leave a comment! Emails to:

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