It’s a movement and i’m all over it! How about you? It reminds of simpler times ( I remember I used to darn socks and sew my own clothes when I was a teenager!) only better because now there’s a whole lot of sharing going on. Plus craft and art and supplies of all kinds are all incredibly convenient to obtain. Everyone let’s shake the cobwebs out. We live in a material/cynical world. I recommend we buy less but when you do buy, consider handmade instead! Cheers!

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About The Perched Bird

The Perched Bird's works in chorus with Karin, an Artist/Designer and is engaged in categorically showcasing her designs and creations. From art prints and paintings, textile designs, to wool concoctions, to her spin on day to day to culinary and garden achievements, Karin's posts and artifacts will leave you stimulated. Orders for knitted items can be placed at any time. A page of prices is coming soon! Please leave a comment! Emails to: aldingerkarin@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “I TOOK THE PLEDGE

    • Remember the epic CRAFT SALES which we marked on our calendars in August for November ? Well they still exist but they’ve transformed to include up-scaled and refurbished and eco-friendly items of every genus. They’ve morphed to include exquisite artifacts made by both men and women. They were good fun and still are, but again the internet has flung the doors wide open for artists, crafters, designers, and recycling enthusiasts. We can conveniently shop 24/7 from our bedrooms or our offices. It’s fantastic and it’s changing the whole landscape of shopping. But buyer beware. This will have it’s druthers down the pipe. On-line shopping will gain speed and then what? We’ll have to adapt as shoppers and industries (cottage and conglomerate alike).

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