Alpaca Summit

My Convocation with the Alpaca

I would like to meet an Alpaca. Going to the Peruvian highlands came to me in a dream quite some time ago. At the time the dream was folly but today the dream is taking on a palpable form. There is an Alpaca who has some wool to offer me. Just as the esteemed Merino in New Zealand calls my name, the Camelid  likewise beckons me to travel.

I recently went to a Fair Trade Sale at Four Corners in Winnipeg. Sadly a venue which could not survive in our competitive marketplace. They had a closing out sale and I flocked to it. There were many beautiful handmade crafts and textiles and linens to admire. I purchased many (too many) items but the most cherished item of all, I found beneath some table linens. It was folded inside out and did not look like much. I unfolded the item and voila! here is what I found! My interest in Alpaca yarn is not a clandestine verity as you may by now have discerned. It cost me all of $1.50, which saddened me because the embroidery is not pretentious or sophisticated but quite exquisite and it deserved an au courant pricetag.  It is a rich tapestry that someone worked who intimately knew the land and the animals in it. The  Alpaca is summoning me to keep knitting, it is a sign and I take it seriously.  However, I daresay it is much more than this, she is calling me to her highlands with a subdued and muted voice.

I think this tapestry will prove to be one of my revered “allegorical chattels”. The Peruvian Alpaca stands proud here in my office. She has boundless patience and kindness to offer me.

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About The Perched Bird

The Perched Bird's works in chorus with Karin, an Artist/Designer and is engaged in categorically showcasing her designs and creations. From art prints and paintings, textile designs, to wool concoctions, to her spin on day to day to culinary and garden achievements, Karin's posts and artifacts will leave you stimulated. Orders for knitted items can be placed at any time. A page of prices is coming soon! Please leave a comment! Emails to:

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