Cream Puff Assignment

Fear of Birthdays or Whipped Cream ?

There’s another birthday on the horizon, for all of us (Deo Volente). My birthday daydream includes noshing on heavenly confections and quaffing  chilled champagne with family and friends. I highly recommend saluting your transitory day in this way each and every year. The albatross is not the overindulging, nor is it the terror of weight procurement, but the idea of facing our own mortality as another chapter of our lives is on the verge of being written. The  opening lines of the chronicles are poignantly punctuated with a resounding “Happy Birthday to you!” Make it easy on yourself from this day forward, prepare for jollification well in advance. Let loose when your day dawns. Rid your mind of any notion of paltry behavior. Birthday’s are the time to live large and glow bright. Celebrate who you are and what you have accomplished vs. not yet attained. Whether you are a friend, a lover or a long-standing friend,  be blithe, be mirthful for your birthday is not far-flung. Birthday’s are not rescue missions, we’re not looking for proof of life but rather,  for everyone to officiate the celebration with gusto!

Last year I made cream puffs crammed full of crème pudding , clouds of whipped cream, and smothered in a dark chocolate glaze. This year may yield a blueberry cheesecake, a  deep dark, melt in your mouth, Sacher Torte or a strawberry fool.  In any event, I recommend that you subtract at least 35 (or more) candles so that you can tackle  the  exhale when the time comes to extinguish the dazzling blaze. There’s no need to have a fear of lavish behavior. Spin the fracas into a euphonious song!


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