Snowbird stays home, travels instead to iPhoto

Astral travel and the illusory garden

The scuttlebutt is consistent, in fact it’s been a clean sweep around the office and among friends, and friends of friends – utterly everyone has planned a winter getaway but me! I have become immune to the sundry banter:  “We booked our trip, got a great deal!”, “Can’t wait to get out of this deep freeze!”, “Wish we were going this week when its 37 below.”, “We didn’t like Mexico so we’re gong to Costa Rica.”, “It’s settled, we’re going on a cruise!”, “We’re only going for 2 weeks wish it were 3.”  I can admit it; it’s sickening when you’re not in the game. Enough already I say. Depart and away with you I need to concentrate on getting through the rest of the winter. A humongous effort for this must be made, thwarting my penchant for brooding is an unremitting distraction.

I’m not obtuse, a quota of poor souls like me are hunkered down for the long haul however the disparity between birds bolting and birds nesting is widening. I am in the gap and I don’t mean the mall. The consolation prizes are not immediately clear; the birds that roost have the arduous task of turning their static situation into a fishing expedition.

When my time comes to flutter south I will doggedly qualify for a “few” crow-like quips of my own.  I have amassed brag rights aplenty, in fact years worth of destination dropping will be forthcoming. I’m not naïve; I know that bathing suit shopping escapades are part of the deal but I’ll be psyched when the wind changes direction. For the present I surrender to garden photo fixation on my iPhoto. Make no mistake I’m not languishing in resentment. I’m up to my eyeballs in bedside table reading, and knitting projects plus I am still scouring the classifieds for temp work. Recently the seed catalogues are trickling in which translated signifies: I’m cultivating design schemes for the garden and laying the groundwork for enhancements to the outdoor living space. My garden fully fortifies as it hosts a profusion of flora which I have slogged and fussed over to assuage my truant January equatorial interludes. There’s always next year.  So without further ado, its time to show a sampling of last years garden achievements, enjoy.

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The Perched Bird's works in chorus with Karin, an Artist/Designer and is engaged in categorically showcasing her designs and creations. From art prints and paintings, textile designs, to wool concoctions, to her spin on day to day to culinary and garden achievements, Karin's posts and artifacts will leave you stimulated. Orders for knitted items can be placed at any time. A page of prices is coming soon! Please leave a comment! Emails to:

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