Speaking words of wisdom…

Thoughts of rejuvenation and giving back

The time has come to say adios to Forev-uary (February). After many months of being blasted with arctic cold fronts it is liberating to call myself a survivor on this 2nd day of March. The daylight swells but the wretched cold will not loosen its grasp. The old adage, “I am March, hear me roar!” echoes through the frigid air. Let’s wish for a bonny lamb to gambol forth as the month of March draws to a close.

I’m looking for inspiration of late, as I sit in on knitting workshops and silk-screening seminars. I have a yen for making art prints and learning new skills and techniques. More than that, I have been looking for portents of healing and renewal in a world that seems to struggle with so many burdens caused by human errors. I recognize my necessity for feeling spiritually attached to nature and incentivizing environments. I yearn for my garden and feeling the soil in my hands and under my fingernails.

In 2008 a day trip to the Spirit Sands, located in Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Manitoba, formerly known as the Carberry Desert, yielded a wealth of wonderful memories. This mystical place totally revivified! I believe everyone left the desert that day a stronger, whole person. Wandered through the this intuitable, sacred, life-enduing region enchanted and heightened our awareness. It certainly was well worth traveling 171 km to discover. Nearly 8 years ago now, my sisters Gerlinde and Erika, my daughters and Erika’s sons took my cousin Karin here. Karin was visiting Canada for the first time. She is from Germany. Our aim was to inundate Karin with a myriad of experiences while here, by revealing to her the width and depth of our fair province with day-trips to various regions of Manitoba.  We all thoroughly enjoyed a splendid day of hiking and sight-seeing. I remember also a gourmet picnic lunch replete with deli sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and home-baked cookies. One minute it was torrid hot – befitting this desert-scape, the next we were scrambling for our microfiber layers in the overcast and suddenly, windswept dunes. Manitoba truly has abundant diverse places where one can still feign being a pioneer. Our vistas and landscapes are breathtaking and life affirming. How bountiful this world of ours truly is! What alms can one relinquish for this opportunity of being able to partake of a land so rich and praiseworthy? I think giving back is the answer. Our modus operandi must be to return the favor. I’m sure we can all afford to relinquish something of ourselves to a world so out of balance and still so remarkable and pure.

“For a creative writer possession of the truth is less important than emotional sincerity.”

~George Orwell

Spruce Woods Provincial Park:


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The Perched Bird's works in chorus with Karin, an Artist/Designer and is engaged in categorically showcasing her designs and creations. From art prints and paintings, textile designs, to wool concoctions, to her spin on day to day to culinary and garden achievements, Karin's posts and artifacts will leave you stimulated. Orders for knitted items can be placed at any time. A page of prices is coming soon! Please leave a comment! Emails to: aldingerkarin@gmail.com

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