The enigma of the Lost Peacock

When migration instincts fail

I had awoken to a horrific sound.

Peacock.wavCall of Peacock. 20.80 sec.

It took me a few minutes to discern what { or who? } could emit such a disturbance. It was loud and it was nigh!

A few years earlier my neighbor owned a cockatoo which he took outside {with clipped wings no doubt} and allowed it to perch in the oak tree in the back lane. It screeched without restraint until the bird was finally taken indoors by it’s reviled owner.  But alas this was not the sound of any species remotely related to the cockatoo.

This, my friends was a peacock. A female peacock at that, as it had no superfluous plumage. It had a beautiful iridescent head, neck and and breast and was adorned with an ebullient sapphire blue, tiara. Its wings were very precisely like its cousin, the pheasant with a spattering of orange fringing the wing tips.

There  it was standing on my fence, just outside my bedroom window! and I was clever enough to grab my camera.

Through my bedroom window I saw the buxom varmint, and it seemed to be contemplating the potentiality of taking up residence in my garden! It looked as much in its element as out.

It screeched its plaintive ruckus for some time. It sounded worried.  It seemed to me, that  it was calling to its mate or compadre, or its sister or to any kindred, feathered spirit that was near. Although it is said that peacocks cannot fly, it sailed its way to my neighbors roof, then to mine, then to another and another, until the sound of its cries  had grown faint and phantasmal.

Before I went to work I called the Zoo. It was indeed an escapee. A jail-bird trying to make a better life for itself outside the confines of the park. They {the Zoo-keeper} seemed not be too distressed by my call, I think the peacocks of the Assiniboine Zoo  frequently bolt in the spring when something in the wind coerces them to become drifters. The last remnant of instinct inviting them to embrace liberty.

I recently churned out another screen print. For some strange reason birds and elephants seem to keep appearing in my drawings and prints and apparently they are a recurring theme in my imagination as well.

This regal bird found a pretty spot to roost n’est pas? It’s next perch could be at your house. Who knows.

“resplendent enigma”, ~ Silk Screen by Karin Aldinger ~ April 18, 2011


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