About moi,


I am an artist. I paint, print, knit, sew, make, decorate, and design. Culinarily speaking I am master of my domain.  Gardening during Manitoba’s wonderful summers fills my soul with delight. Music plays an important role in my life – it is powerful and fortifying. The great outdoors is a constant mystery to me. These are a few of my favorite interests: biking, walking, hiking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, alpine and downhill skiing, and canoeing.  I love reading, watching movies, taking photos, painting, designing, and dreaming (who doesn’t?). I have two requirements that should be clinched into each new day: to learn something useful, fact or skill and that each day begin with hopefulness and end with a pleasant thought.

Above all else, I cherish my daughters. My sisters mean the world to me. I revere the company of friends. family always comes first.

3 thoughts on “About moi,

  1. Hi,
    We just noticed your post “Skaters swirl atop a frozen shield of ice”.
    Last year we designed the “Woodpile” warming hut for the River Trail and this year we built the “Winter Garden” installation (what you called the ice forest 🙂
    We wanted to know if you have more images you can share with us.
    If so, Would it be OK to publish them in architecture blogs covering our project, of course with crediting you?

    Noa Biran and Roy Talmon

    • It would be an honor to forward you the photos I took of the “Winter Garden”. I’ll send you what I have. My nephew Thomas Jordan helped install the project – I wonder if you remember him. It truly transforms the frozen river into a magical grove. The hoar-frost enhanced the experience the day I took the photos. The “Woodpile” was also a wonderful idea. I hope to get down to the River Trail a few more times to enjoy the shelters and some more skating!

      Karin Aldinger

      • Hi Karin,
        Of course we remember Thomas. We basically know the entire family (Paul, Peter, Thomas and Michael)
        We just sent you some photos of the building process (you can spot Thomas in some of them)

        Noa and Roy

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