My road is paved in yarn intentions

Wool slaves unite!

We knitters live in a mare’s nest. It’s safe to say knitters know the following scenario by wrote: “Knitters are wool gluttons and project-aholics.” Enticed by yarn and armed with ambition, the determination to perpetually hunt for patterns and wool is a fundamental trait we must bear.  Then a few mistakes, like miscounted stitches, or dropped stitches, are discovered and the wheels of progress come grinding to a halt. All of a sudden the knitting project gets pitched into a bag, or a basket. As usual life gets in between – we move on.

Then the call starts again. A fresh skein of wool impetuously beckons and charms you. You glance guiltily over at the socks or hat you’ve been working on but the luster has faded.  You’ve been seized by another knitting project. You make a flimsy promise to finish the socks or the scarf or the sweater however out of sight is out of mind.

You give yourself a short lecture on the detriments of procrastination and living the life of denial. But it’s old and you know how to skirt the issue by becoming subsumed in the new skein of wool.

Here are some updates. I  feel as though I am defeating the beast of abeyance. Take a gander at the inroads I’m making on the knitting/printing front.

I’m trying to adopt a “no regrets-no apologies philosophy”. Somethings gotta give.

1. Silk Sleeves – finished knitting these last week. The last act will be to sew up the seams. The finishing segment requires extra patience and should not be hurried.

2. Socks – I had been attending a knitting class to learn how to knit socks. What I hadn’t paid attention to was that the Wednesday night  Sock Class would conflict with Lent. Holden Evening Service is a Lenten Service I try to attend so the socks, or rather the sock class is now a no-show for me. You are supposed to give something up for Lent – perhaps the sock class is what I have to give up. To clarify I am not giving up knitting. No sirree bub. On the list are chocolate, wine and swearing. I’m no saint when it comes to giving up these ghosts. When a birthday lands in the middle of Lent you fall hard off the wagon. Currently I’m kicking up my heels, the heel and foot of the sock are temporarily postponed. Please stand by.

3. Capelet for baby – just couldn’t resist starting yet another ! knitting project. Taken from: Onemoreskein 30 Quick Projects to knit by Leigh Radford. I am in the mood to knit for babies again. Spring to me means babies! and fetching outfits.

4. Silk Screening – Here’s an illustration for a silk screen I’m working on at Martha Street Studio. This week the 4th and last colour will be screened on. Below is the rendering for the print. I’m really buzzed to be printing again!

A Winsome Gaze

Endearingly twee !

These photos took some time to find their  way to The Perched Bird. Although  the  knitting began in December there have been a few set-backs which  have prevented timely posting of this hat. Here’s the gist of what transpired: I sometimes struggle with gauge when choosing alternate yarn than specified on a particular pattern. I set forth to knit up this here Teddy Bear hat for Elin back in December. I chose a smaller circular needle, adjusted the number of cast-on stitches and ventured into an afternoon of knit and purl frenzy. It went lickety-split, nevertheless in spite of being a speed-meister, I sensed something  wasn’t right. As it turned out its fit would be far from de rigueur. When Signe (Elin’s Mom) first tried it on Elin, she reported to me via phone call: “It’s cute! kinda’ big but …oh that’s okay – she’ll grow into it”(for the record – I had wanted a fitting before the pom-poms were attached but alas it didn’t transpire). Well, no-one’s head grows sideways  dear Signe (except mine when I have a sinus headache) so the growing into wasn’t going to happen.  Despite my unwillingness, I began to disentangle the “Sublime” -(yarn) back into a ball. I flinched at the prospect of repetition but at last settled into that Déjà vu feeling with gusto. I knew what I had to do next: adjust the gauge, adjust the pattern, adjust my mind and ta-da ! This is the result. As you can see it fits! Such a process! Vexation be gone! I flitted through that caper.

Mellifluous and sweet on the eye n’est pas?


Knitted here in: “Sublime”, a chunky merino, tweed yarn, Colour: Bubblegum twist

(80% merino/10% viscose/10% acrylic)

Sprout Bonnet for Beatrix

Heavenly nest of Silk and Merino for Beatrix!

For 3-6 month old lassie. Knitted in a celestial, cloud-like 50% Merino/50% Silk. A Louisa Harding Yarn called Grace-Silk & Wool. Colour: Sprout !

Gambol Chullo

Presenting Oskar’s:  GAMBOL CHULLO

This Chullo was affectionately made for Oskar. It is tres soft and will complement his new aqua blue micro-fibre hoodie and snowsuit. This winter Oskar will finally get to gambol in the frosty Canadian snow. Pictures of the wee lad will follow. Next stop, post office. Soon and very soon Oskar!Mirasol Yarn from the Peruvian Highlands. Called SULKA: 60% Merino, 20% Alpaca & 20% Silk. Can be made for 0-6 mth, 6-12 mth, or 1, 2 or 3 years and up. Seen here with ties however can be made without ties or could alternately be made with a button up chin strap.

Tres beau!

Comme un agneau dans la neige !

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear where have you been?

Teddy Bear Hat

This lovely, lovely wool is Malabrigo wool. Guaranteed to cradle baby’s head in softness and warmth. Not surprising,  my love affair with Merino soldiers on.

Size 6-12 month.

Teddy Bear agrees: “This hat is very Bear-like!”

Recent Travails of a Knitter without a Pattern

Made to order ~ Lambkin Chapeau:

Haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth but I have had my hands full. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in yarn. Was given a challenge recently by a Woman who called me because Her family (husband and children) are going to a photo session with a photographer in 3 days time. It seemed urgent so I gave it top priory.  She wanted a hat for her baby and sent me a JPEG which depicted the hat. Hmm – no pattern came with the request. Dilemma becomes challenge. Would my unraveling become  my undoing? Eventually I came up with my own interpretation. Necessity is the mother-load  of invention. And one cannot rush the creative process. I will soon discover if it is what’s wanted. The long-and-short is, the photo shoot was postponed until next week. A little disappointing as I threw myself at this project.  But such is the nature of commissioned creations. Meanwhile the hat sits at the ready. Wish me success!



Lambkin approves: “Love the Ears on that Chapeau!”


Just off the needles!

Steaming hot off the the knitting needles!

“Cindy-Lou from Whoville Hat”

For 0-3, 6-12, and 12 to 24 months


Mutifarious creations in wool

The Kozy Koala Toque

Super soft and super warm hat for baby 6 – 12 months (or 1 – 2 years)

What will your bear be wearing when winter comes thundering in?



The Little Red Cardi

This sweet cardigan is knitted from Bamboo /Cotton. It can be made for 3, 6 and 12 month old lassies. How soft and squishy the bamboo is. It has 4 button holes. Still hunting down some cherry coloured buttons. May require a knitted cherry broach!



The Toasty Bonnet

Such luscious merino, squish soft for baby’s head. Perfect to wear under the hood of a parka. Very fancy for the little lassie!

Fits 6 – 12 months (or 1 to 2 year old cuties)

The All Dressed Up Bonnet

Made in a soft pale minty green. This hat will dress up even a pair of jeans and a hoodie or polish up a fancy ensemble [Please note that the similarities to the Toasty Bonnet -is simply a  considerably larger version sans the flo’ which could still be added but would be smaller.] Your honey bunny will be ready for Sunday or esteemed SaturDAY play-dates! Fits 1-2 year old Mademoiselle!

The Pixie Dream Cap

Cocoa Brown and pale celery could be worn by a boy or a girl. Super soft chunky wool. Would be great for a photo op’.

Fits a 6 – 18 month boy or girl.

Pixie can be fashioned  in numerous fusions of colours!



Bunnykins Chapeau

The ultimate in merino wool. Soft, supple, chunky and light. The softest cloud of wool for your little darling. Numerous colours available – from espresso brown to raspberry pudding to periwinke.

For 0 – 9 month old babes. Please note other infant items in same wool.



“I saw all these items, my dear Bunnies with my own eyes!” said Anna Acorn to the Coney Family.



A Bug in a Rug of Merino

Elin is just a day old here. the Cocoon and Topi was Elin’s first baby present from me. Being a Great Aunt is pretty special!