Something for me

Purpleee can serve a Pur-ple-ose

Purple is a  mysterious colour indeed. Purple is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Purple satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world, while adding a hint of mystery and excitement. Because purple is derived from the mixing of a strong warm and strong cool color it has both warm and cool properties it’s an irrefutable choice as an accessory, rendering our frenetic metropolis into an agreeable clime.

wha wha… haven’t had time to knit – which makes me sad and blue. Well not up until Friday night.  I resolved to make something for myself to break out of my slump.

I have been busy doing my other job(s). Which do not reap the same rewards as knitting and creating. Shown here a  chowl – a cross between a cowl and a shawl. With a button to hold it all in place. Perfect if you want to keep your coiffeur from frizzing. See also matching hat.

Wool: Debbie Bliss como – 90% Merino / 10% Cashmere, Made in Italy




Foxy Facsimile

Short of DNA testing which would only produce the same results, I have come to the conclusion that I have discovered the truth. I authenticate that  “It Girl # 2” is indeed Kirsten (and looking foxy I may add).

Signe and Kirsten are reverberating echo’s of one another but make no mistake, their uniqueness is undeniably ubiquitous. At present, they revel in motherhood and parenthood. I recall completely embracing this brimful, matriarchal wellspring.  Veering, but not forsaking the sacred path of motherhood, the Hat seems to be the frosting on the cupcake for these gals. They, as I, adore a pretty chapeau, which is my fortuity. Serendipity presents again. Makin’ lemonade in the shade. Not all fun games though, some knitting is required.

Shown here Kirsten in her “Numero dos” Chapeau

Made from Debbie Bliss Como, 90 % Merino/10% Cashmere, Colour: Talc blue

Doppelgänger Shennanigans

It Girl # 1


I have twin nieces. Identical twins. Aside from telephone conversations which still leave me flummoxed as to identity,  my savvy on being able to identify Signe and Kirsten since they were wee babe’s has been spot on! Today when I asked for a photo of Signe in her new chapeau (sent to me in an email) I couldn’t help feel wangled. Are my  spidey senses malfunctioning? Is this indeed Signe? Kirsten sent me the email. Hmmm…. this may be a clever ruse that the twins have concocted. Is it time to play the doppelgänger prank with their Tante (Aunt) Karin? Either way these girls know how to wile people with a charming smile. It’s reminiscent of  the ol’ Double Mint Gum advertisement. Double your flavour/double your fun? Coquettish behavior knows no bounds. Next a Photo of the other. We’ll get to the bottom of this while Signe is away on holiday.

At any rate I have made them each an “It Girl Chapeau”. This is numero uno.

Made from Debbie Bliss Como, 90 % Merino / 10% Cashmere, Colour: Rain Cloud

A Winsome Gaze

Endearingly twee !

These photos took some time to find their  way to The Perched Bird. Although  the  knitting began in December there have been a few set-backs which  have prevented timely posting of this hat. Here’s the gist of what transpired: I sometimes struggle with gauge when choosing alternate yarn than specified on a particular pattern. I set forth to knit up this here Teddy Bear hat for Elin back in December. I chose a smaller circular needle, adjusted the number of cast-on stitches and ventured into an afternoon of knit and purl frenzy. It went lickety-split, nevertheless in spite of being a speed-meister, I sensed something  wasn’t right. As it turned out its fit would be far from de rigueur. When Signe (Elin’s Mom) first tried it on Elin, she reported to me via phone call: “It’s cute! kinda’ big but …oh that’s okay – she’ll grow into it”(for the record – I had wanted a fitting before the pom-poms were attached but alas it didn’t transpire). Well, no-one’s head grows sideways  dear Signe (except mine when I have a sinus headache) so the growing into wasn’t going to happen.  Despite my unwillingness, I began to disentangle the “Sublime” -(yarn) back into a ball. I flinched at the prospect of repetition but at last settled into that Déjà vu feeling with gusto. I knew what I had to do next: adjust the gauge, adjust the pattern, adjust my mind and ta-da ! This is the result. As you can see it fits! Such a process! Vexation be gone! I flitted through that caper.

Mellifluous and sweet on the eye n’est pas?


Knitted here in: “Sublime”, a chunky merino, tweed yarn, Colour: Bubblegum twist

(80% merino/10% viscose/10% acrylic)

Hat’s off to you

Hello Kirsten.. here’s the chapeau avec flow’

Well I’m done with excuses. Not only are they lame they make you come off looking like a goof. It’s been busy around here …working between x 3 jobs, knitting, getting through Christmas with a terrible cold/cough…it all but took its toll. Oh I knitted plenty but I swear often in my sleep. Which only meant that I had to unravel and knit all again the next day. I’m on the other side now… of Christmas and am now on the healing leg of the road. Next stop: Kirsten’s house for a delivery, and my golden opportunity to steal a cuddle with Heidi. Wait till you see Heidi-kins festooned in her latest chapeau!

Sabina’s Sublime Wrap-ture

Scarf it up

Here we are, middle of January and my daughters Christmas present is finally finished. Sabina will look ma-va-less in this item (photo of beautiful daughter to follow). Made from Sublime, a chunky merino tweed. I would like to see it with your new camel coloured, Calvin Klein coat.

Some things are meant to be

Allegorical Chattels

I am a strong believer in signs. The signs I refer to do not  evoke  doom, paranoia or dread. I’m referring to signs that confirm my life journey. Locating  a sign is similar to being alerted by an omen.  These signs are compelling once they are identified, and they offer explanations and clarifications. In the past i’ve  stumbled upon  a sign unexpectedly. They reveal themselves to me and not me to them, although I am  wooed by them. I’ve endeavored  to model a paragon through the examination of these signs, which present themselves as objects and  exist in my personal environment.  Study of these pivotal items disclose their connections and meaning to me. Suddenly subtle nuances transmute the object.  Something familiar is suddenly identified. Out of the blue the lights get brighter, an item i have owned and seen thousands of times unexpectedly unfastens a deeper meaning, marveling the object’s symbolic importance. Their value takes on an irrefutable  verve. An object like a picture, or a curio item on a shelf articulates that my journey, my reason for being  here was marked out before i was even aware. These are “Allegory Items” connect me to times, events, and travels or connect me directly to a person – substantiating the yawning why’s of existence. When I look under the surface, abandon my conventions, I can behold the metaphors or paradigms as precursors, they preempted what was to be or what has already been (and/or will someday later still be confirmed). I will site examples of these as time permits from here on in. I don’t attribute dark foreboding, ominous meaning to these (sometimes) objects, on the contrary I try to see them as sanguine markers. I am always incredibly fascinated by how they are imbued with gravity when i finally stumble upon what they may purport to personify.

This photo, from long ago, portrays one such example which to me completes a perfect circle in my life – yet again.

The lamb tries to to nuzzle me and is almost telling me something – quite conceivably the mysteries of the woolly friend the sheep? Only recently did I stumble upon this photo. It pleased me to rediscover this moment, which only strengthens my convictions that we should not ignore the symbolic occurrences in our daily lives. We have remote instincts as humans, we so rarely utilize them.

A Bug in a Rug of Merino

Elin is just a day old here. the Cocoon and Topi was Elin’s first baby present from me. Being a Great Aunt is pretty special!

Rather sheepish

MERINO SHEEP – my best-loved wool!

The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition | 2008 | The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Copyright 2008 Columbia University Press.

Merino sheep , breed intermediate in body size having fine wool, developed in Spain. These sheep are noted for their hardiness and their herding instincts and have been used as parents of several other breeds, notably the Rambouillet of France. Three strains have been developed. Types A and B are strongly and moderately wrinkled, respectively; the C, or Delaine, type is much smoother, and has better combinations of wool and meat qualities. Merinos are white-faced with the rams horned and the ewes hornless.

More info on Merino at: