Impressions of Spring

Spring is escorted in by the fervent Robin.

Her gallant efforts to build her nest and then the endowment of the remarkable eggs!

“Robin’s pride” – silk screen/ Karin Aldinger. March 21, 2011

Slow Spring

by Katharine Tynan

O year, grow slowly. Exquisite, holy,
The days go on
With almonds showing the pink stars blowing
And birds in the dawn.

Grow slowly, year, like a child that is dear,
Or a lamb that is mild,
By little steps, and by little skips,
Like a lamb or a child.

Some things are meant to be

Allegorical Chattels

I am a strong believer in signs. The signs I refer to do not  evoke  doom, paranoia or dread. I’m referring to signs that confirm my life journey. Locating  a sign is similar to being alerted by an omen.  These signs are compelling once they are identified, and they offer explanations and clarifications. In the past i’ve  stumbled upon  a sign unexpectedly. They reveal themselves to me and not me to them, although I am  wooed by them. I’ve endeavored  to model a paragon through the examination of these signs, which present themselves as objects and  exist in my personal environment.  Study of these pivotal items disclose their connections and meaning to me. Suddenly subtle nuances transmute the object.  Something familiar is suddenly identified. Out of the blue the lights get brighter, an item i have owned and seen thousands of times unexpectedly unfastens a deeper meaning, marveling the object’s symbolic importance. Their value takes on an irrefutable  verve. An object like a picture, or a curio item on a shelf articulates that my journey, my reason for being  here was marked out before i was even aware. These are “Allegory Items” connect me to times, events, and travels or connect me directly to a person – substantiating the yawning why’s of existence. When I look under the surface, abandon my conventions, I can behold the metaphors or paradigms as precursors, they preempted what was to be or what has already been (and/or will someday later still be confirmed). I will site examples of these as time permits from here on in. I don’t attribute dark foreboding, ominous meaning to these (sometimes) objects, on the contrary I try to see them as sanguine markers. I am always incredibly fascinated by how they are imbued with gravity when i finally stumble upon what they may purport to personify.

This photo, from long ago, portrays one such example which to me completes a perfect circle in my life – yet again.

The lamb tries to to nuzzle me and is almost telling me something – quite conceivably the mysteries of the woolly friend the sheep? Only recently did I stumble upon this photo. It pleased me to rediscover this moment, which only strengthens my convictions that we should not ignore the symbolic occurrences in our daily lives. We have remote instincts as humans, we so rarely utilize them.