Démodé blazer scores brio with a poodle scarf !

Otiose excuses

Sometimes kismet is pretty simple. Your options, once meager and  distant can turn on a dime once you finally decide to get yourself motivated.  You start by rummaging in your wool stash, by touch alone you discover some plushy yarn from inside the jumbles of yarn you have been hoarding. Then suddenly the  glacial chill  is dispelled and you are magically released from your glomming lethargy. The yarn galvanizes you into action. My discovery was a praiseworthy boucle’ yarn in a shade called ‘Alaska’. It  instantly pleaded its case to be fabricated into something flamboyant. It’s winter here in Winnipeg and February lolls about in its typical passive manner. There seems to be widespread idleness, and it’s endemic. It’s as bottomless as the mountains of snow we have amassed this winter. Humanity’s facade is quiescent here at the 49th latitude. Behind closed doors we’re all stir crazy and in need of  something big or failing this radical  phenomena, we  settle upon pinning  for  lackadaisical solutions,  like: a) better television, b) a better social life, or c) some anecdotal pizazz to release inspirational, creative energy.  The latter  was settled on whilst watching bad television and waiting for my 16 year old daughter to navigate her way home in my car on treacherous, icy roads. As the squiggly yarn grew into the cravat I seemed to climb from my doldrums. At this juncture my heart  seized the joie de vivre! The result of which can be seen here.


Knitted on Size 13 U.S. needles, Nomad Wool: 60% Wool/25% Alpaca/15% Nylon

Look for Nomad Yarn at Sirdar:  http://www.sirdar.co.uk/

FYI various knitting projects are under development. The cacophony of chirping arising from this phenomena is causing outright uproar. Please stand by for more completed projects.