Sprinting with Noro and Java

I’m in Ictus

Evanescent Manoeuvrings on size 8 needles


Just putting it out there that there’s been a humdinger’ of a K1, YO, K2 happening  over here! Knitters spend a lot of time having love affairs with wool. The options are unremitting when surveying the myriad of kaleidoscopic yarns in the inner sanctum the Wool Shrine (aka your friendly neighborhood Wool  Repository). “Feel me! Buy me! Try me!” So much wool, so little time. Well the day job chomps its way into prime time knitting hours however there’s always nightfall, which in Winter-peg is currently 5:13 p.m. This is when yarn binging  generally occurs. These days I’m in ictus. In a transient state – as I am  memorized by a Noro yarn and can’t stop myself from recklessly knitting up a little sumptin’ sumptin’ .  I recently   discovered the “fagot stitch”. No guff this is what it’s called and frankly, fagoting can  rouse zeal in a knitter. There’s a beautiful rhythm to this stitch, primarily from the point of view of the continental knitter. I’m a speed daemon. I love it and quite frankly I’m hooked. I recommend a cupla’ mugs of Kick Ass Coffee to jolt you into high gear!


Shown here: Noro Yarn, Made in Japan, Chirimen:  60% Cotton/24% Silk /16 % Wool



Just off the needles!

Steaming hot off the the knitting needles!

“Cindy-Lou from Whoville Hat”

For 0-3, 6-12, and 12 to 24 months


A Bug in a Rug of Merino

Elin is just a day old here. the Cocoon and Topi was Elin’s first baby present from me. Being a Great Aunt is pretty special!

Chickadee Chapeau

Flower child

Chickadee Chapeau

Espy Elin looking incredibly adorable as usual. Here she dons a Cotton Angora Cloche knitted 2 ply with a second stand of shinny DK mauve cotton.

This is a nice evening project and one of my first attempts at developing my own pattern.



Elin in a bonnet which she wore at her baptism.  There will be more bonnets coming soon to babies near you!

Wilkommen Heidi !

Sweet Pea Pod

Heidi's Dream Cocoon

I’ll admit it, I really love babies. I know, it’s the way we’re designed. A helpless babe enters the room and instantly our hearts dissolve into porridge. Our mothering (or fathering) instincts jolt into gear when we’re near an infant and inherently our arms naturally unfurl as our senses decree that we shall  intrinsically shield this perfect being from any peril. Instinctively we are protective yet gentle and subdued.  Next we’re swooning and cooing and ah-ing. The simple truth is, this innocent, vulnerable being signifies all that is right in the world.
There has been a barrage of births in our family. My sibling’s children have been plowing through marriages and house acquisitions and the end result has been a mushroom effect and I don’t see an end to these proceedings any time soon. Weddings, showers, pregnancies, births, babies, more showers, baptisms, Thanksgiving banquet firsts, Christmas firsts, as well as thee 3, then 6 then 1 year milestones! I have became a Great Aunt … Tante for the 4th time in 1.5 years time. Although they are not my grandchildren, I have discovered that I channel an acute sense of pride and joy and responsibility. I have 2 daughters who may someday grace this world with more Lilliputians – however for the time being, I’m satisfied to wait patiently for that special day.

Infants evoke the remarkable, the poignant indisputable love. They declare purity and sublime innocence.  In  the movie “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” ( based on the novel by Milan Kundera), there is this perfect moment when serenity is finally achieved. The unerring instant gives way to thee quintessential moment. What occurred before and after is not import. The present has the luster.

I am thankful that everything is going well in our respective families. These are happy times. Moreover these are happy times for the Tante’ (aunt) who knits. (BTW this Tante’ happens to be me.) I just finished this chapeau and cocoon for baby Heidi who just came into the world on Sunday. I knitted as though possessed. That baby needed to be swaddled in merino and fast!
The above ensemble was knitted in seed stitch. I chose to use a pale pink to accent Heidi’s angelic face.


It was a joy to make. Alas it is but a baby’s dream cocoon.
Sweet dreams little blossom! Godspeed!


Other adorable dream-like variants:

Periwinkle Baby Cocoon and Chapeau

Same Baby Cocoon that I knit for baby Heidi. This time I chose Periwinkle. The wool is merino, chunky and super soft!

Any takers on this? Would fit a 6 to 7 lb. New born Sweet Pea!

Hello world!

Yellow bird tells a tale


The Tale of a Yellow Bird


A Feathered Friend Alights

Two days ago my Papa, who is 85, told me a story about an intimate encounter he had with a beautiful yellow bird.

My Papa, who as I said is only 85, is still brazenly knee deep in gardening shenanigans. The enduring facts are this: my Papa was a busy man his whole life long. Owned successful businesses, farmed extensively and took pride in how his empire was built, which is to say, sweat equity was paramount. So to say he had been busy that day, in relative terms would imply that he was doing as much as he could as a man of 85 who was still managing to function incredibly well for his age and circumstances. And so there he had been tending to his spruce tree nursery and pruning raspberry canes and who know what else. Pacemaker and blood-thinners notwithstanding, he was worn out that day at that juncture. He decided to take leave of his regime and sit down and drink some water. Slowly he scuffled across the yard making his way to his chair on the porch. As he finally sat resting he suddenly felt that he was not alone. Next to him was a gigantic, yellow begonia which my mother had recently potted up and placed in a shady spot. A second glance of the begonia confirmed that upon one of its glorious blooms, there was someone, a fantastic  yellow finch had landed and was in a tranquil trance. It was stunning! and perfectly camouflaged by by the flora.

Papa concentrated on remaining utterly still as the splendid, yellow finch was only inches away. It looked about quizzically. It was apparently oblivious to my Papa’s presence. My Papa sat transfixed, captivated by his exotic visitor. Neither the bird nor the elderly man made a stir. The encounter stretched into a frozen, expansive moment. Papa sat calmly enthralled, encompassed in serenity, savoring this sublime poignant experience.

The bird was so wonderfully brilliant! It made an impressive departure from his recent toil through the saturated garden, from the previous weeks and days of relentless downpour.  He had struggled with his cane in the mud and swarms of mosquitoes had pestered him and finally had driven him out of the garden. He was exhausted. He needed to sit down and change his shoes and that was how he came to be sitting next to the finch on the begonia, on the porch. What magnificence ! He derived an unexpected peacefulness from this seemingly small moment. Utter tranquility seemed to radiate from his face as he recounted the  phenomenon to me.

My thoughts immediately turned to an earlier time that same spring. I’d had a similar encounter as  I was bustling about my garden, transplanting a Hosta at the foot of my Nanking Cherry tree. I had suddenly stood upright and there beside me, at eye level, on a pallid, rosy, frothy branch, a sweet little chickadee was perched and sweetly winking at me. I froze and dared not make stir. It was an intriguing, brief exchange. The Chickadee tilted it head, nodded its approval to me, and then was gone. I remember I remained standing there, motionless but a colossal smile was plastered on my face for quite some time until I suddenly simply laughed out loud. Instantly the word had become uncomplicated again. I promptly stashed it into my treasure chest of best experiences.

We need to stop and really see what is around us. Stop what we’re obsessed with accomplishing and observe then see then feel.

This blog offers a glimpse into at elegant, peaceful living between the hustle bustle of everyday life.

Sanity is living in the moment.  “Act upon” your whimsies and your hearts desire(s).  I implore you to work with your own unique pulse. March to the beat of you heart’s complex rhythm. Let no steal what is yours and yours alone – your thoughts and daydreams, your ideas and plans are owned by you! Set them free and see where they end up.


You have the receptors of a bumble bee and astute vision of  an eagle.

Soar high my friends and capture the elegance of the here and now!

My Papa, Karl and his brother, Herman, my Onkel, here on visit from Germany in 1995

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