Smitten Kitten

Scintillating and Serene

This photo sparkles and squeals a thousand words of sweetness and cuteness. On this occasion I introduce to you a special munchkin whose name is  Heidi. She is my niece Kirsten’s baby girl. Presently she parades a joyful demeanor. Oftentimes she is timid and shy, nevertheless her eyes bestow incredibly awareness. She is blessed with security and  and has been gifted an impervious sanctuary replete with kith and kin. She thrives on fawning peeps and comfy-soft canoodles.

Shown here in a Fireworks Chapeau, made from a chunky German yarn called Gedifra: 50% Highland Alpaca/50% New Wool, in Lavender Pudding!


Mutifarious creations in wool

The Kozy Koala Toque

Super soft and super warm hat for baby 6 – 12 months (or 1 – 2 years)

What will your bear be wearing when winter comes thundering in?



The Little Red Cardi

This sweet cardigan is knitted from Bamboo /Cotton. It can be made for 3, 6 and 12 month old lassies. How soft and squishy the bamboo is. It has 4 button holes. Still hunting down some cherry coloured buttons. May require a knitted cherry broach!



The Toasty Bonnet

Such luscious merino, squish soft for baby’s head. Perfect to wear under the hood of a parka. Very fancy for the little lassie!

Fits 6 – 12 months (or 1 to 2 year old cuties)

The All Dressed Up Bonnet

Made in a soft pale minty green. This hat will dress up even a pair of jeans and a hoodie or polish up a fancy ensemble [Please note that the similarities to the Toasty Bonnet -is simply a  considerably larger version sans the flo’ which could still be added but would be smaller.] Your honey bunny will be ready for Sunday or esteemed SaturDAY play-dates! Fits 1-2 year old Mademoiselle!

The Pixie Dream Cap

Cocoa Brown and pale celery could be worn by a boy or a girl. Super soft chunky wool. Would be great for a photo op’.

Fits a 6 – 18 month boy or girl.

Pixie can be fashioned  in numerous fusions of colours!



Bunnykins Chapeau

The ultimate in merino wool. Soft, supple, chunky and light. The softest cloud of wool for your little darling. Numerous colours available – from espresso brown to raspberry pudding to periwinke.

For 0 – 9 month old babes. Please note other infant items in same wool.



“I saw all these items, my dear Bunnies with my own eyes!” said Anna Acorn to the Coney Family.



A Bug in a Rug of Merino

Elin is just a day old here. the Cocoon and Topi was Elin’s first baby present from me. Being a Great Aunt is pretty special!

Chickadee Chapeau

Flower child

Chickadee Chapeau

Espy Elin looking incredibly adorable as usual. Here she dons a Cotton Angora Cloche knitted 2 ply with a second stand of shinny DK mauve cotton.

This is a nice evening project and one of my first attempts at developing my own pattern.



Elin in a bonnet which she wore at her baptism.  There will be more bonnets coming soon to babies near you!

Wilkommen Heidi !

Sweet Pea Pod

Heidi's Dream Cocoon

I’ll admit it, I really love babies. I know, it’s the way we’re designed. A helpless babe enters the room and instantly our hearts dissolve into porridge. Our mothering (or fathering) instincts jolt into gear when we’re near an infant and inherently our arms naturally unfurl as our senses decree that we shall  intrinsically shield this perfect being from any peril. Instinctively we are protective yet gentle and subdued.  Next we’re swooning and cooing and ah-ing. The simple truth is, this innocent, vulnerable being signifies all that is right in the world.
There has been a barrage of births in our family. My sibling’s children have been plowing through marriages and house acquisitions and the end result has been a mushroom effect and I don’t see an end to these proceedings any time soon. Weddings, showers, pregnancies, births, babies, more showers, baptisms, Thanksgiving banquet firsts, Christmas firsts, as well as thee 3, then 6 then 1 year milestones! I have became a Great Aunt … Tante for the 4th time in 1.5 years time. Although they are not my grandchildren, I have discovered that I channel an acute sense of pride and joy and responsibility. I have 2 daughters who may someday grace this world with more Lilliputians – however for the time being, I’m satisfied to wait patiently for that special day.

Infants evoke the remarkable, the poignant indisputable love. They declare purity and sublime innocence.  In  the movie “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” ( based on the novel by Milan Kundera), there is this perfect moment when serenity is finally achieved. The unerring instant gives way to thee quintessential moment. What occurred before and after is not import. The present has the luster.

I am thankful that everything is going well in our respective families. These are happy times. Moreover these are happy times for the Tante’ (aunt) who knits. (BTW this Tante’ happens to be me.) I just finished this chapeau and cocoon for baby Heidi who just came into the world on Sunday. I knitted as though possessed. That baby needed to be swaddled in merino and fast!
The above ensemble was knitted in seed stitch. I chose to use a pale pink to accent Heidi’s angelic face.


It was a joy to make. Alas it is but a baby’s dream cocoon.
Sweet dreams little blossom! Godspeed!


Other adorable dream-like variants:

Periwinkle Baby Cocoon and Chapeau

Same Baby Cocoon that I knit for baby Heidi. This time I chose Periwinkle. The wool is merino, chunky and super soft!

Any takers on this? Would fit a 6 to 7 lb. New born Sweet Pea!

Consider the chapeau

Fireworks Cap

Froths of merino wool cascade around baby’s head. This hat can be made for babies 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year. It soft and luxurious. It is made of Malabrigo Kettle dyed wool in “rasta”. Its chunky but molds to baby’s head in a whimsical, jaunty fashion. I love knitting with this wool!