Smitten Kitten

Scintillating and Serene

This photo sparkles and squeals a thousand words of sweetness and cuteness. On this occasion I introduce to you a special munchkin whose name is  Heidi. She is my niece Kirsten’s baby girl. Presently she parades a joyful demeanor. Oftentimes she is timid and shy, nevertheless her eyes bestow incredibly awareness. She is blessed with security and  and has been gifted an impervious sanctuary replete with kith and kin. She thrives on fawning peeps and comfy-soft canoodles.

Shown here in a Fireworks Chapeau, made from a chunky German yarn called Gedifra: 50% Highland Alpaca/50% New Wool, in Lavender Pudding!

Sprinting with Noro and Java

I’m in Ictus

Evanescent Manoeuvrings on size 8 needles


Just putting it out there that there’s been a humdinger’ of a K1, YO, K2 happening  over here! Knitters spend a lot of time having love affairs with wool. The options are unremitting when surveying the myriad of kaleidoscopic yarns in the inner sanctum the Wool Shrine (aka your friendly neighborhood Wool  Repository). “Feel me! Buy me! Try me!” So much wool, so little time. Well the day job chomps its way into prime time knitting hours however there’s always nightfall, which in Winter-peg is currently 5:13 p.m. This is when yarn binging  generally occurs. These days I’m in ictus. In a transient state – as I am  memorized by a Noro yarn and can’t stop myself from recklessly knitting up a little sumptin’ sumptin’ .  I recently   discovered the “fagot stitch”. No guff this is what it’s called and frankly, fagoting can  rouse zeal in a knitter. There’s a beautiful rhythm to this stitch, primarily from the point of view of the continental knitter. I’m a speed daemon. I love it and quite frankly I’m hooked. I recommend a cupla’ mugs of Kick Ass Coffee to jolt you into high gear!

Shown here: Noro Yarn, Made in Japan, Chirimen:  60% Cotton/24% Silk /16 % Wool

Recent Travails of a Knitter without a Pattern

Made to order ~ Lambkin Chapeau:

Haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth but I have had my hands full. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in yarn. Was given a challenge recently by a Woman who called me because Her family (husband and children) are going to a photo session with a photographer in 3 days time. It seemed urgent so I gave it top priory.  She wanted a hat for her baby and sent me a JPEG which depicted the hat. Hmm – no pattern came with the request. Dilemma becomes challenge. Would my unraveling become  my undoing? Eventually I came up with my own interpretation. Necessity is the mother-load  of invention. And one cannot rush the creative process. I will soon discover if it is what’s wanted. The long-and-short is, the photo shoot was postponed until next week. A little disappointing as I threw myself at this project.  But such is the nature of commissioned creations. Meanwhile the hat sits at the ready. Wish me success!



Lambkin approves: “Love the Ears on that Chapeau!”